Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Inspiration

Well, this all got started when my aunt Brenda posted her sweet poem on our Gann Family website. Yes, we have a website and yes it is awesome. Anyway, she posted a sweet poem to all the newish mommas in the family and it started non other than an original poetry extravaganza. This is not at all unusual for the Gann clan considering our vacations together consist of a family talent show and a brainstorming session about the newest family business idea. :-) Love it!! It has been great having this family website because there are a lot of us and we don't get to see eachother as often as we would like and this way we can keep up and even have hilarious discussions on the message boards. All that to say Aunt Brenda's entry led me to join in on the extravaganza and write a little poem of my own. So, I thought I might as well post it on the blog since I have not posted anything in 2 weeks.

More posts to come and pics of Eli. He is 4 months now! Whoa how time flies and they say it only goes quicker. Crazy! Happy Wednesday. Post ya later....ryan

(nice title huh?)

Before the sun decides to rise
Before the sand's out of my eyes

Once or twice or maybe three
This little voice calls out to me

So out of bed I slowly stand
To check up on my little man

Is he hungry? Maybe so!
Sometimes it is just hard to know

Feed him, pat him, let him cry
Which one this time should I try

Conversations in the night
About which methods might be right

A bounce, a rock, a midnight sing
Purchasing a sound machine

For there is no price I would not pay
To have my sleep back one fine day

Cause it has been since early June
That I have slept the whole night through

But besides the sleep there's other things
Like spit up in gallons and more laundry-ing

Like one arm meals and long long days
Without the hope of a nice pay raise

Like Milk allergies, a nursing Chore
Which really means you can't eat anymore!

Like crying and crying that does not stop
Unless I walk and rock and bounce and bop

And then someone asks, so is it hard?
This question I would not dare discard

Is it hard? Oh yes you bet!
But is it worth it...Every Cent!

Because when the sun decides to rise
And I've wiped the sand out of my eyes

Once and twice and ten times three
This little face looks up at me

And all my lack of sleeping miles
Disappear inside those smiles

For now I know inside this calm
How it feels to be a mom :-)

-Ryan :-)


Rhondi said...

Love it! You're a poet & I didn't even know it..hehe.

emily said...

ugh...ryan...that's so sweet. I love your poem, and your songs, and your dances, and everything else.

Lindsay Schneck said...

ok i just totally teared up when i read your poem. it was so sweet and so true!

Erin said...

Ryan, this is really sweet and touching. You definitely come from those talented Ganns!

I'm going to send this poem to my friend Elizabeth who just had her baby boy 3 weeks ago. I'm sure she can relate.

Love you!


Jamie said...

Umm so I def think you should put my poem up there too : )